Tx-Elfkatz a devon rex cattery
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Retired Queens now in Pet homes           
Sire:    CH Raya's Black Jack of Tx-Elfkatz
Dam:   CH Spice/Sugar Sadie of Tx-Elfkatz
Black Smoke Tortie & White carrying dilute, chocolate, and siamese colorpoint
TGC Tx-Elfkatz Live Wire aka "Liv" 

Sire: Cat-Lynne Allister of Dream Devon
Dam:  Koro's Gabriella of Dream Devon

Seal Sepia Patched Mackerel Tabby and White

Dream Devon Smooth As Silk of Tx-Elfkatz aka "Sasi" 

Tx-Elfkatz Chantilly Lace

Sire: Megarex Salem of Tx-Elfkatz
Dam:  Tex-Lapkatz Lillianna of Tx-Elfkatz


Lace is our smallest little girl.  She has the sweetest personality and the softest coat.  Her color is even more beautiful in person.  Thanks to Helmi for this beautiful photograph!