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Michelle Piatt
About Tx-Elfkatz
We are a small cattery located just southeast of Houston in Deer Park, Texas owned by Stephen and Michelle Piatt. Our cattery is registered in both TICA and CFA and we are members of the Devon Rex Breed Club. Our goal is to produce healthy, quality, well-socialized Devon Rex kittens with great personalities that meet the standards set for the breed.  Our kittens are raised in our home underfoot so they are all a part of our big family.  They are kissed, cuddled, and played with daily until they are matched with their purr-fect human families and sent to their forever homes.  We believe that it is important for cats to be kept indoors in order to live long healthy lives.  It is extremely important to us that our kittens are placed in loving homes where they are never declawed or mistreated in any way.

I have been a cat lover for as long as I can remember but after my oldest daughter was born with eczema I was no longer able to have a cat indoors due to allergies.  While researching solutions for cat allergies, I stumbled onto the Devon Rex Breed.  I read everything I could find about this breed and I was entranced by what I read and was determined that I must bring one of these amazing little creatures into my home. After months of waiting and a few disappointments, I finally brought my first Devon Rex kitten, Cleopatra, home.  She was a seal mink and white with big blue eyes and only weighed 3 pounds but within days she was Queen of the house.  Even my husband quickly succumbed to her charms.  She was absolutely the most amazing little thing I had ever seen and she had everyone wrapped around her little paw in no time.  I was immediately hooked and Devon addicted and wanted to fill my home with little Devons.  Soon I was able to purchase my first 2 Queens and start my breeding program.  I am so thankful to have the privilege of producing these special little gifts from Heaven.  I hope that everyone that purchases a kitten from me is able to enjoy them and love them as much as I have.